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There are many types of generator systems available. They all serve a unique function and purpose. Let's talk a little about the most common types of systems. Industrial systems provide large facility power to production and manufacturing facilities. Commercial systems provide power for many types of facilities such as retail stores, gas stations, shopping centers and so on. Residential systems provide power for homes, apartments, condo's etc. The most common problem we see is poor design and installation which leads to major issues when generator power is needed. The misconception is any size generator will work and it's relatively simple to install, size and design a generator system. The issue lies in performance when needed. Undersized generator systems are not realized until utility power is lost and then the consumer is stuck with a system that will not do what they expected and paid for the system to do because a less than qualified person installed the system to simply "work" and "save you money". Some of the issues and damage that can occur to automated generator systems are failed circuit boards, failed transfer switch's, controllers and program functions to name a few of the most common we see on most DIY and less than professional installations.

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Hello and welcome to the CELCO Electric Generator Division. We are a Licensed, Insured and bonded family owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience and A+ rated members of the Better Business Bureau. From Industrial and large-scale commercial to whole house residential, Boat and RV generator systems, CELCO Electric always delivers high quality stand-by and back-up generator power systems that stand the test of time reliably and efficiently.

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